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Album animation video

For presenting albums or songs we can assemble animated video's in a style suited to your needs. This video has been created for the Bound by curses album by Hell's Edge.

This particular album stream is on our channel as a result of the music production.
Song animation video - Blue star falling

A simple animated video as musicplayer.
Finished with frequency bars and image response to the beat.
Visit my YouTube page for more examples.
In studio

A small music studio is available for artist showcasing, both audio and video recording is possible. If you, or your band want to promote themselves you can come in for a private recording session and we can arrange a clean demotrack along with a video for presenting yourself.
3D logo's/animations

This is a short example of a 3D creation.
I have a degree in 3D and VFX, as well as 6 years of work experience. If you need help to realize an idea in this field we might be able to help you.




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